People of 36arn

This page gives a brief history of some of the inhabitants of 36arn, past and present. My missing persons page contains a list of people with whom I would be interested in getting back in touch, maybe.

David Robinson
Born: 1965 Dave Robinson

Hiding under a bush in 2013

Educated: University of Birmingham
Coleshill Comprehensive
Water Orton Junior & Infants
Deep-Secure (2011-)
TBiConnect (2010-2011)
QinetiQ (2000-2010)
Camtek (1998-2000)
Lanner Group (1997)
DERA (1994-1997)
Admiral Computing (1990-1994)
SD-Scicon/SISL (1986-1990)
Hobbies: Until recently I was a volunteer Observer with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (I helped people to learn to drive better and pass their advanced driving test). Maybe I'll take that up again sometime. I enjoy taking bad photographs, and playing with gadgets.

To find out what I think of the world, visit the opinions section or read my occasional blog. I am no longer single and miserable, thanks to the lovely Diane Bullman!

Clare Robinson
Born: 1964 Clare Robinson

Clare in 2001

Died: 2015
Née: Harrold (married in 1994)
Educated: Kings College London
Yateley School
QinetiQ (2000-2015)
DERA (1995-2000)
DRA (1991-1995)
RSRE (1985-1991)

Clare died of ovarian cancer, after a 3 year illness, aged just 50. She was very well looked after by St. Richard's Hospice. Please consider donating to that wonderful organisation, or to Cancer Research UK or to Maggies.

Born: In the 90s. Identities concealed to protect the guilty. Both of them are now legally adults.