Missing Persons

This page contains a list of people who I'm trying to locate. Maybe adding their names to this page will help Google find them for me!

If you are that person, please get in touch. Nothing sinister, just interested in exchanging life stories to satisfy my curiosity.


Chris Scott

Full name Christopher James Scott. We both lodged with the same family, Gladys & Gordon Peake, in Fleet, 1986-1987.

John Fenn

Full name John David Fenn, I think. He lived in Curdworth, Birmingham, in the 70's and 80's. An old school friend who has reportedly emigrated to Canada.

Naomi Herbert

Full name Naomi Frances Herbert. Not actually a missing person as such, because I am connected to her on LinkedIn. However, all my emails over the last few years have gone unanswered.

Tony Foster

Full name Anthony Robert Foster, I think. We were both working at Admiral Computing in Coventry in the early 90's, and shared several months with nothing much to do!

Simon Blattmann

Swiss guy living in Germany at the time, but on a year's study/work experience in the UK. We shared a house together for a short time in Fleet in the mid-80's.