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Can't Wait for Windows 9

The near-enough final version of Windows 8 is upon us, with rumours of a release to manufacturing in a couple of months. Just a few i's to cross and t's to dot, and it's ready. After an hour or so of playing with it, I've concluded that it sucks, or rather, it sucks on a 24" full HD monitor. Great for a tablet or a phone, awful for a desktop.

I'm making the bold assumption that Windows 9 will in some way fix the obvious deficiences (including the ability to relegate the Metro UI to the background, and add a conventional start menu in the Windows 7 style).

I intend to hang on to Windows 7, which I quite like, until it goes out of support (or Windows 9/10/whatever manages to better it). Or maybe I could switch to Linux Mint, version 13 of which with the Cinnamon user interface is a thing of beauty and cunning.

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New Server

This week I have been building a new home server, based around an Intel Core i5-3450S low(er) power chip, an excellent Fractal Design Define Mini case, and various other components including low voltage Crucial memory. It's been more difficult than expected!

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The Future Is Even Brighter

A few days ago I had to get in touch with Orange Customer Services, in order to enable international roaming on all four of my family's mobile phones. I was needless to say not looking forward to this. However, after a bad start - death by automated menu system, which took over 2½ minutes - I got to speak to a real person, in the UK, who spoke English. Within no time at all, she had done what I'd asked, and even advised me against using mobile data because of the cost, and told me how to turn it off on my particular phone! Excellent.

Also, in my previous post about Orange I had criticised their online system. Well, since it was fixed it has been working fine. My only negative point is regarding their Android app, which is pretty useless (for me) because it will only show details for a single phone. Note: subsequently fixed later in 2012.

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