Baby, It's Cold Outside

It was -8°C in Malvern last night. This morning I went for a walk to the shops, and as usual several of them had their doors wide open, with hot air wallowing out into the street. At this point, the temperature was still well below zero. The main culprits in Malvern are: 

  • Fat Face
  • The Works
  • The Clarks shoe shop
  • Mountain Warehouse

In actual fact, Mountain Warehouse unusually had its doors closed because the heating was broken. I learned this from the Moutain Warehouse shop in Worcester, where the staff were complaining about the cold (inside). I suggested that closing the doors might help, but they informed me that they aren't allowed to. I have actually written to the head offices of some of these organisations, and clearly losing my business is not important to them. Neither is global warming.

Close the Door!

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