What Is Happening?

In the last month, the UK has voted to leave the European Union, we have a new UK government (almost), there has been another terrorist attack in France and an attempted coup in Turkey. Other news (which hasn't got much publicity) includes a scientific report that states that a lack of biodiversity is likely to endanger the human race, and the cost of Hinkley Point nuclear powerstation has risen from its original £6bn to an estimated £18bn (perhaps as much as £30bn over its lifetime, which I presume doesn't include decommissioning costs). Oh, and the northern jetstream has apparently crossed the equator, which basically means we're all screwed.

The only good news (from my perspective) in the past month has been the casting out of Michael Gove into the political wilderness, and Portugal winning the football (I had them in the office sweepstake).

I could go to the trouble of commenting at length on all of the above, but to be honest it's mostly too depressing to bother.

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