Back On My Feet

It's been a long time since I updated this blog, and last August/September was a really bad time for me. Losing ones partner of 23 years, and then rupturing ones achilles tendon (meaning 3 months of immobility), is not a nice thing to happen. Of course, many people have much worse things to bear, but that didn't give me much solace.

I really was counting the days whilst I was in plaster, but once the anti-depressants kicked in, and I reached the half-way point, things didn't seem quite so bad. I was reconciled to my situation, and managed to maintain an optimistic outlook.

Early in November (after 9 weeks) the cast was removed and I was given a rigid walking boot. Four weeks later the boot was off and I managed to walk without it. The consultant indicated there was a quite high chance of rerupturing in the first 3 months out of plaster - in fact, as high as 15%. As a result, I've been very careful. My tendon should be back to full strength by now, but I'm still paranoid.

Since then I've had issues with swelling (which can last for a year) and occasional cramp in my calf. Both of these are getting better though. My calf is still weak, but in a way I'm quite glad, because the lack of strength is helping prevent me doing anything stupid. Everything is getting back to normal, slowly.

My friends have been great, and have kept me going. Some people have let me down, or maybe I've let them down. Who knows, but frankly it makes little difference either way. My life is getting back on track; that's all that matters.

I've managed to exorcise a few demons. I've had my first weekend away on my own since before I was married, and things like going into a pub on my own don't seem so scary anymore. I have a number of plans; I've just got to get round to organising myself, and not sink into a rut.

Onwards and upwards!

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