And On That Bombshell...

The furore surrounding Jeremy Clarkson's suspension by the BBC, and the cancellation of several episodes of Top Gear, continues.

The petition to the BBC to reinstate him (at the time of writing) has exceeded 900,000, and it looks inevitable that it will reach one million. Regardless of whether Clarkson did or didn't punch the producer, allegedly regarding the absence of steak, I wonder if those million-ish people would be so enthusiastic if they'd just been punched by a colleague? There can't be one million amateur boxing motoring enthusiasts, surely?

If you assault someone at work a suspension is the least you should expect, and it doesn't matter who started it. I'm not a huge fan of Top Gear, because there's not enough real motoring journalism. A bunch of over-payed people cocking about in cars is often entertaining, but doesn't justify alleged casual racism or violence. Needless to say, I haven't signed the petition.

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