Local Strawberries

My local fruit and veg man (Natural Choice in Barnards Green, Malvern) has been delivering us strawberries recently, as part of our weekly box. It is worth mentioning how delicious these strawberries are. A beautiful rich red colour, and a sweet and intense flavour. But that's not what prompted me to write this short piece...

Hulls. At this point, most people under a certain age (30?) won't know what I'm talking about. To explain, the hull is the bit of the strawberry you get left with when you firmly grasp the attached stalk, and gently pull. You end up with a stalk with a cone-shaped bit in one hand (the hull), and 100% delicious strawberry in the other. You don't have to get a knife and cut the end off (increasing waste), and it's much quicker. Unfortunately, dehulling (if that's a proper word) a supermarket strawberry is pretty much impossible, and they don't taste as nice either.

I'm really glad you can still get tasty strawberries from small local suppliers. Come on big supermarkets, bring back proper strawberries!

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