New Car

36arn has a new car. Goodbye Citroen C4 Picasso, hello Ford Fiesta. Initial impressions are very favourable. Fantastic handling, well put together and lots of gadgets. Only managed 45mpg over the first 150 miles (mostly at about 65mph on the motorway), but that should improve (I hope) as the car loosens up. The 1.0l turbocharged 3 cylinder engine seems ideally suited to the car, although the high gearing takes some getting used to. The car has lots of torque, but it is a very different car to drive than the 1.6 diesel Citroen.

The handling is superb - lots of grip and perfectly weighted steering. I've managed to test the stability control already, on a greasy, winding B-road, but I was going ridiculously fast. It's very tempting to drive fast on winding roads; however, the fuel consumption does suffer.

I'll probably report back in 6 months time, by which time I'll have done a few thousand miles and it will be nicely run in.

Update: see review here.

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