Can't Wait for Windows 9

The near-enough final version of Windows 8 is upon us, with rumours of a release to manufacturing in a couple of months. Just a few i's to cross and t's to dot, and it's ready. After an hour or so of playing with it, I've concluded that it sucks, or rather, it sucks on a 24" full HD monitor. Great for a tablet or a phone, awful for a desktop.

I'm making the bold assumption that Windows 9 will in some way fix the obvious deficiences (including the ability to relegate the Metro UI to the background, and add a conventional start menu in the Windows 7 style).

I intend to hang on to Windows 7, which I quite like, until it goes out of support (or Windows 9/10/whatever manages to better it). Or maybe I could switch to Linux Mint, version 13 of which with the Cinnamon user interface is a thing of beauty and cunning.

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