My Skype account got hijacked the other day, by a nice person with friends or relatives in Nigeria, Belarus, Libya and Yemen. The person managed to spend £9.50 of credit in a couple of hours.

I thought I had a secure password, so perhaps my account details were generously donated by some other nefarious piece of malware or something.

Perhaps the most distressing thing is that I'm not going to get my money back. They suspended my account due to "unauthorised activity", but don't apparently give refunds. Fortunately, my credit card details (which Skype was kindly looking after) had expired, which I presume minimised the damage. It seems also that you can never actually delete a Skype account. Hmmmm. So it's goodbye to Skype for me, and hello to using a real telephone (or a piece of less proprietary software). To be honest, the Android/Windows/Mac clients for Skype have been awful for some time (although you can't argue with the quality of the voice/video), so I won't miss it.

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