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Malvern Hills, from British CampThis site is the personal home page of David Robinson, widowed in 2015 after 21 years of marriage but now with someone and feeling happy and young again.

This site's main purpose is to allow old school friends and associates to locate and contact me via the Internet. I'm on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can find out a bit about me by reading the people page.

The photo is of the Malvern Hills. Malvern is a small town in Worcestershire, UK. It's where I live.

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Please note that I am not, nor have ever been, a teacher!

This site should be renamed 9bHR, or maybe just Hornyold! Maybe one day I'll get round to it 


This is the 2015 version of this site (behind the times eh?), with a light makeover to avoid factual inaccuracies in 2019. It looks much the same as the 2012 version, but it's more mobile-friendly, and now integrates with selected social media. It uses a Joomla CMS, and Joomla sets a session cookie without asking you. Sorry. There have been various versions of this site over the last 12 years, depending on which technology I was interested in at the time (there was even a JSP version once). They all looked very similar. I don't like parallax scrolling and lots of pointless white space. This site is hosted on a virtual machine on a shoe-box sized NAS. More details on the computers page.

This site is now available via SSL: https://36arn.co.uk